Frequently Asked Questions

Or things someone would ask if anyone was asking anything

So how do I use this thing?

Schedule your daily lunch break using the /daily-status slash command:

/daily-status 🍕🍔🥪

and simply complete the form that pops up.

Is it possible to set a one-off schedule?

Yes! Use the /schedule-status slash command to schedule a one-off status like a doctor's appointment:

/schedule-status 🩺

and complete the form that pops up.

Why does the app not respect my skin tone preferences?

Slack doesn't provide a way for apps to get this information about users right now. If this changes, the app will provide the functionality as soon as possible.

Why can't I use custom emojis?

Keeping an up to date record of a user's custom emojis is a fair amount of work but this may be implemented at a later date.